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Silhouettes of Time

I would like to tell the stories of the sacrifice and struggle of my family based on the historical fact for their country, with determination. It is very intense when it comes to individual family history and their survival, which will an example to people around the world and to the next generation.

Silhouettes of Time
( French Edition)

La poète et écrivain courte Maya Mitra Das est née en Inde et est arrivée aux États-Unis en 1973. Elle a étudié la médecine interne et la pédiatrie en Inde, en Angleterre et aux États-Unis, ce qui lui a valu son M.D. et Phd.D. Elle a reçu sa formation au Downstate Medical Center et au State University Hospital de Brooklyn, New York.

Historical facts happened to her family, all she wanted is to share it to future generation. And most importantly, have to learn and inspire people by reading this book. The story transcends realms of time space and memory. The story truly came from her heart.

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Silhouettes of Time provides a wide range of short stories. Maya Das must either have a marvelous imagination or has traveled extensively, as she is able to provide distinct descriptions of not only various locations in India but other countries as well. Her precise descriptions of places and people in Italy, as described in ‘The Daring Escape’ shows keen attention to detail.
She shows a huge amount of creativity, as in the dream in ‘A Tale Before Halloween.’
Maya weaves many fun-to-read tales.” — Ken

“I was given this book as a gift. It is a collection of short stories. As a short story writer myself, I can say without reservation how well crafted and investigated these stories are. Maya Mitra Das takes you on a voyage with each story, weaves fact into fiction. People and places come to life and each story makes you want to read the next. I enjoyed each page. Well done!” — F. M. Ayers

“We thoroughly enjoyed your book release. The parts of the stories you read out were rich and vivid in their description of the characters and their environment- transporting from Lafayette library room to distant parts of the world. Those few paragraphs were so good in gripping you to a story that it was almost like we wanted you to continue and finish that story before starting next We really admire your talent and interest in so many fields to make life such an interesting canvas of creations.” – Prabudha

“I am very happy to write a brief introduction to Maya Mitra Das’s new book of poems.  Maya has been a writing student of mine for the past five years, during which sometimes it has been difficult to determine who the teacher is. With the present book, that job is no easier. As a writer, Maya exemplifies a unique set of characteristics. She is Multi-cultural and Multi-lingual. She is well-read in history and well-versed in many cultures. She is a dancer and experienced in collaborating with artist and inspiring others.  Maya trained as a hematologist and this is also combined with good common sense. Though Maya has considerable analytical skills, she is able to understand and express the differences between scientific and a poetic view of the world. The result of this combination is unique, as you will see when you read this engaging and insightful collection” – Dr. Jerry Ball